Websites with CMS

Flexible, simple content management system for a web site YOU control

Edit all your website content, images, products and SEO meta data.

  • Page text - simple editor as simple as a standard word processor.
  • Website page images
  • Site banners and carousels (sliders)
  • Online categorised galleries
  • SEO Meta tags for page title, description and keywords.
  • Categorised News & blog system with dates, images and YouTube® video
  • SoundCloud clip embedding for musicians and bands

We looked at free "DIY" systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and others but found that coding our own CMS was the only way to deliver a system tailored to our customers.

We build the CMS for your website rather than hand you an off-the-shelf bloated or complex system that takes time to learn.

The CMS that drives all our websites is our own, we've built it from the the ground up, evolved over many years to become a powerful yet simple interface for keeping your site updated. Everything within the CMS has been as a result of listening to our customers' needs and wishes.

The CMS also gives you SEO control over meta data like page title, description, keywords and hashtags to help you establish and promote your site.

Call or contact us now for a no obligation discussion of how we can give you simple control over your website.