Many businesses, particularly small ones don’t often realise the benefits a website can bring. It could be because some believe a website will be too expensive. Or maybe find the world of computers too bewildering and feel that owning a website is too scary to manage or understand.

Below are some reasons why your business needs a website, designed by professionals.


You will find more and more people today are searching the web, looking for products and everyday services. Having your own online presence will give your business credibility. It will tell consumers you exist, especially important if you don’t have a shop front to promote your services. Having a professional looking website will encourage potential customers to come to you rather than the competition.

Having an online presence can save you money

How can this be you may think? Websites can vary in cost depending on your services and what it is you want the website to do for you. A professional web agency will be able to guide and advise you through the process. Once the initial cost is out of the way, you will have an advert of your business with a potential to reach a vast market. Saving you the cost of monthly advertising in magazines and newspapers. So thinking about it, can you afford not to have a website?

Keeping customers updated

Having a website means that you are able to easily update your products and services on offer. A website is your businesses online catalogue, you can let customers know about upcoming special offers, events or new products. Much easier to maintain and effective way to update than if you were having to update brochures which quickly become outdated. A website is a great way to shout about current news and information.

24hr availability

Unlike a shop your website will never close, it will never call in sick and will not be taking a holiday. Therefore your shop is open to the public to view at anytime of the day or night. This is so important, as many live busy lives, so being available 24hrs a day is key. Being able to offer this facility opens up many more potential customers. Customers are able to find out information whenever they like, saving you time on phone calls or answering emails. After all time is money.

Broaden your market

In today’s world you can buy almost anything online and the world has become a smaller place. No matter what it is you have to sell or services to offer, having a website broadens your market. You may have a shop front and feel a website is of no benefit to you. But being able to offer your products to potential new customers further afield must be appealing and make financial sense?

Your portfolio

A website is a fantastic way to shout about what it is you do and show the world your work. You could be a hairdresser, plumber, fit blinds or sell cosmetics. Whatever your product an image gallery or testimonials page will let new customers know what existing customers say about you. It gives you an edge, a platform to display your work, promoting what you do.

Offering your customers a better service

Often customers will have questions on how to use a product or want an instruction manual. By adding articles, a FAQ page or news blogs you can provide a customer service even when you are not available. Share information on your website and offer them a customer service like no other.

We at Herts Media are able to offer you all of the above and more. Take time to read our testimonials, contact us with any questions you may have. We will create a website you will be proud to show off. All websites are bespoke, easy to maintain and we cater for different budgets.